Objects4NAV web site is for C/AL developers and NAV partners.

Created by a NAV MVP with the objective to setup a simple site where he could promote, sell and distribute digital content – small and large C/AL solutions packaged as objects for NAV.

The Catalogue is a simple list of products. Product Tags denote what the solution is. Post Tags denote what the solution does. Visitors on the site can use both to filter in their search for a solution.

Objects4NAV does not take commissions or any registration fees. The site does not process transactions or any payments. Products will have a product page link to where payment information (if any payment is required) will be provided. Consumers will leave this site to purchase products.

Note: This site is not intended for ISV packages. All objects are designed to be usable on the customer license.  If a C/AL object is created it will be in the numbers 50.000 to 99.999.  The customer license might need to be configured to include these objects.  Please use MergeTool or the renumbering tool from Dynamics.is to renumber the objects if needed.

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If you are already a contributor, please use the submit form to submit product information.

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