Generic Attachment Management

Hi all, As this was asked by most of my Blog Readers that how we can save attachments / files with respect to Navision Documents like Sales order or Purchase orders, Here is a post which list the steps for achieving the goal. Regards, Saurav Dhyani

Renumbering Tool for Windows Client

A solution to renumber NAV objects. The code is all in the Table, not the ideal setup but I preferred fewer objects over prettier design.  On the other hand this it not that big of an object so every developer should find the way through the code in there.   Take a closer look and download from […]

Button and Text Box add-in for Windows Client

The package contains the add-in and a sample page.  Install the add-in into the NAV database like this.   For NAV 2013 R2 copy the add-in into the Role Tailored Add-in folder.  In NAV 2015 create a dedicated folder in the server Add-in folder and copy the add-in file there.  The server will deliver the […]

Web Service Ping Function for NAV 2013 R2

An example on how to do a secure ping to make sure you are speaking to the correct web service and that your connection has not been hijacked. This example includes a dotnet soap request to communicate with a NAV web service. The web service has two functions.  A ping function and an encrypted ping […]

Centralized Setup Data for NAV 2013 R2

This solution hooks into the database triggers and allows you to set up on a field level triggers to activate. When a trigger fires an XML document with the modifications is created. This document can be delivered to a multiple locations and applied. For example if a new posting group should be automatically created in […]

Upgrade Code Generation Tool for NAV 2013

Doing a data transfer means that you need to compare the tables of the old version and the new version and where you have mismatch you have to take some action. The data transfer is build on the upgrade from 2009 to 2013 R2 released by Microsoft. We have the MergeTool that is used to […]

Incoming Document Scanning Add-on for NAV 2013 R2

A new feature in NAV 2013 R2 allows companies to store links to incoming documents and reference them in Purchase Invoices and Journal Lines.  There is a video in the How Do I series on Managing Incoming Documents in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2. Here is a video I wanted to add a functionality to […]