ClosedXML for NAV 2013 R2


The package includes three Add-ons.  Two for the server.

  • ClosedXML compiled for NAV 2013 R2.
  • WhiteChar filter to make sure the Excel Document is valid.

And one for the client.

  • Helper Class for the Client to open the Excel Document in foreground.

Also included are Codeunits to handle ClosedXML and Notes and a demo Report that creates a preformatted Excel Document.

Modification for Excel Buffer and Export Analysis View to open Excel Document in foreground are also included and a delta file with modifications.

The built-in behaviour is for the Excel documents to be opened in the background.  I have seen users open many documents without noticing the existing ones.  The User Helper Class has a function that will find a window by a name and bring that window to the foreground.  This can be used for any Windows program.

With NAV 2013 R2 comes Open XML 2.5.  I needed to compile a new version of the ClosedXML to work with that Open XML.

I also had some issues when creating an Excel document with ClosedXML.  I was able to use characters with the add-in that where not valid in the XML file.  This caused an error and I made sure that the error did not surface again by using the White Character add-in.

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