Hardware Hub IIS Service

MVP_FullColor_ForScreenThis is a web service used as a bridge between NAV and a hardware client running on the host computer.  This moves all communication between the software and the hardware to standard web requests.  That means that as long as the NAV service and the hardware client can both access the Hub service they will always be able to communicate.  Clients and demo code for NAV are available on Dynamics.is

Three client programs are available and a test hub is running on hub.dynamics.is.  Use the test hub to test all functionality.  If you don’t like your data to be transferred unencrypted via the internet you need to get your own copy of the Hardware Hub on your secure IIS server.

Twain Client is for scanning with any twain compatible scanner.  Code examples are available for NAV 2009 R2 and newer.

Serial Port Client is for example useful for a bar code scanner.

Topaz Client is for a Topaz signature pad.

And finally the Hardware Hub Proxy Add-in that is used with NAV 2009 R2 RTC and any newer version of NAV.  With this add-in you can easily code in NAV for the hardware hub.


In the package you will find the IIS web service, setup and testing program and installation instructions.

Lower prices for a single user version and a small company version.

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